What type of goods can I transport?

At Ontruck we work with dry and palletised goods only. We do not transport refrigerated goods or dangerous goods (ADR) at this time.

What types of Service does Ontruck offer?

Direct Shipments.PNG

  • Short and long distance Spot rates: for companies in need of timely shipments. At Ontruck we offer a more competitive rate than traditional spot rates. This service is available directly through our website, with total transport traceability.
  • Recurring loads: for as long as you need us. Your loads will be assigned as a matter of priority. You will be able to keep track of the location in real-time and have immediate access to the digital dispatch note.
  • Large volumes and/or Tenders: At Ontruck we guarantee quality of service at great rates. Sign up as a Shipper and our team will be in touch to offer you the best service adapted to your needs. We’ve provided logistics solutions for large shippers such as Decathlon, Alcampo, P&G and many more.

What do I need to have and do to deliver a load?

To start launching your loads, you need to create an account. Once you are registered, the process is very easy and intuitive, you’ll only have to input the following information:

  1. Number of pallets, weight and height
  2. Date to transport the goods
  3. Collection and delivery address and timeslots

When you launch an urgent sameday load, we can often assign it and have it collected in just a few hours.

If your volume is so large that this solution is not suitable for you, send us your contact details so that a we can understand which options best suit your business.

What type of vehicles does Ontruck work with? Do they have their own fleet of trucks?

At Ontruck we partner with the best hauliers in each area where we operate, we do not operate our own vehicles. Our technology matches loads to the most ideally suited haulier and optimises their daily routes to minimise empty mileage as much as possible.

We select a vehicle for the job with different characteristics according to the goods transported and our clients needs:

  • Vans
  • Luton vans
  • Rigid trucks
  • Artics

We have vehicles on our platform with or without tail-lifts and curtainsiders.

Where can I download a price table?

If you need to know the price of any type of shipment, you can generate a quote using your shipper account on our website in just a few minutes minutes. We’ll take into account the number of pallets, weight, distance, vehicle type required, time booked for, among other things to generate your price.

If the volume you want to ship with us is very large, sign up for an account and we’ll be in touch to understand your business further and what kind of solution we can offer you.

Is it possible to pick up goods today and deliver them another day? Can I make several deliveries and pickups? And what if I have shipments at the weekend?

At Ontruck, we recommend you book your goods to be collected the same day as they are delivered. If you wish your goods be delivered the next day, schedule them to be collected the next day. Remember that at Ontruck we do not store or handle your goods in order to work more efficiently. The vehicle will collect/pick up your goods and proceed to deliver it the same day within the time you indicated, you can track the shipment at any time throughout.

You will be able to customise several deliveries and pickups by entering the “Multiroute” tab. If you need to move goods on the weekends, do not worry! Schedule the pickup and delivery day, including time slots, and our Traffic team and Customer service will take care of managing your loads so you do not have to.

How can I get a proof of delivery (POD)?

At Ontruck, hauliers must take a photo of the proof of delivery and immediately upload it to the app in order to finalise and complete a shipment. Within the “Shipments” tab of our account you will find the digital dispatch note of every one of your loads, scanned, stamped and ready to download, print or share. We cannot provide a physical copy of the POD for any shipment.

How will Ontruck invoice me?

Ontruck bills customers once per month. Invoices are typically sent on working day three of the month and include all charges incurred in the previous calendar month. Invoices are sent by email to the billing contact. All billing information will be collected via a form sent to you once you make your first shipment.

What are the normal invoice terms and method of payment?

Where a customer agrees to payment via Direct Debit, the standard payment terms are 35 days ‘end of month’. Invoices are dated as at the last calendar day of the month.

For example, for jobs completed in June, an invoice would be generated on 30 June, sent to the billing contact on working day three in July and a direct debit payment would be taken on 4 August.

What information is provided on the invoices?

Our invoices detail each job completed on a line-by-line basis, along with any additional charges.

Additional charges?

Where standstills occur (‘waiting time’), Ontruck pays demurrage (‘waiting time compensation’) to the driver and these costs are passed onto the customer in accordance with Ontruck’s terms & conditions.

Additional charges will be notified to customers at the earliest opportunity. Be assured, the Ontruck operations team works hard to minimise delays and to keep the trucks moving, however standstills are sometimes unavoidable.

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