Ontruck for hauliers

Automate recurring routes

Program your recurring routes for the most reliable assignment and get real time updates on the load’s status

Big companies are already using Ontruck for their shipment needs

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  • Volume and repetition

    Volume and repetition

    For those companies and operators who have a substantial volume of weekly shipments and resort to route planning with rigid vehicles and/or trailers

  • Efficient management

    Efficient management

    Ontruck offers this type of company the possibility of using a single supplier which offers you a highly qualified team, an extensive network of hauliers and an effective tool through which you can manage your routes.

  • Optimising


    Ontruck helps these companies to progressively optimise their routes by implementing operational improvements on an analytical basis, adapting the vehicle to the shipment type at each moment

Automation of recurring routes with Ontruck: Easy to create, simple configuration and incredible benefits for your day-to-day operations

  • fast order


    Access more than 2,000 hauliers and get priority assignment by booking recurring routes

  • search


    Get precise information about the location of the orders in real time at any time or place: no surprises, changes or last minute cancellations - for free

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    Worry less about your loads. Thanks to our technology, we are changing the rules of the game, offering an on-time delivery ratio close to 100%

  • route


    Use Ontruck’s app to check and edit essential information about your orders, such as the history, status and location

  • raise


    Better planning equals lower prices. Book recurring orders in advance and our algorithm will offer you the best rates

  • algorithm


    Thanks to our data technology, our customer service team offers predictive assistance that anticipates issues or incidents

Short term benefits in your day-to-day operations

Reduce incidences

Ontruck’s smart technology and data analytics tools allow your company to optimise operations. Our technology reduces the risk of operation errors and serious incidents, and eliminates the need for human intervention in repetitive day-to-day tasks.

Increase your team’s productivity

Save your team time by cutting down on manual work and raise output quality: work with the same supplier, assign similar tasks in a defined time period, via Ontruck’s technology. Thanks to Ontruck, you will see the end to your problems of having to search for transport.

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