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  • mobile

    A Fleet Manager App

    We will provide you with an easy to use Fleet manager App, showing in a simple way all the information you need for the vehicles you manage

  • route

    Track and Trace

    Access in real time to all data related to every load, and get all the information about order history whenever needed

  • pills

    Digital PoDs

    Help your drivers be more efficient reducing non-core tasks, and help your administrative team have easy access to any document in advance - with no risk of loss or duplication

The most effective way to increase utilization and generate more revenue

FTL means more margin

You will gain access to a new large market supported by technology, real time loads, and our sales team is in daily contact with thousands of shippers.

Without commitments, you will have total flexibility to get the loads that help fill your trucks, and get FTL regional and national orders to run your vehicles and reduce the impact of a fixed cost structure.

No fixed costs of fees-just loads enabling you to improve your company’s operations and offer your best service to clients.

Notificataion app en screenshot

A free app designed just for you

As an Ontrucker, you receive job notifications on your phone. All important information like cargo specifications, times, locations, and the amount paid are shown up front. You get to choose whether to accept or reject the job

  • Guaranteed payment direct from Ontruck

    Guaranteed payment direct from Ontruck

    We take pride in treating our hauliers well, and this implies making sure they are paid on time, every time.

    Ontruck takes all the jobs that you complete with us each calendar month and transfers you the full payment at the end of each month. Many jobs, one invoice, and none of the hassle of dealing with multiple clients and uncertainty.

  • Receive jobs on your smartphone

    Receive jobs on your smartphone

    With the free Ontruck App, you'll receive job notifications when new loads are available. Accept them or reject them to suit your needs.

    Job notifications come with all the information you need to decide whether the job is for you and your vehicle: number of pallets, dimensions, weight, refrigerated or not, etc.

  • Update job statuses with just a swipe

    Update job statuses with just a swipe

    Alongside the full job specification, we provide you with a tool to help you manage and update the status of your jobs.

    Start your journey to the collection point, load the goods, transport them and unload them at the place of delivery. Everything is managed through the Ontruck App.

The personalised treatment which I received from the customer service team was unbeatable, they made me feel valued.