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How does Ontruck pay for the loads that carriers complete?

All Carriers are self-billed. This means that at the end of the month, Ontruck produces a self-billed invoice detailing all of the journeys completed in the calendar month.

Carriers receive this self-billed invoice at the beginning of the preceding month with 30 days payment terms. For example, journeys done in May would be self-billed at the beginning of June, with an invoice date of 31 May, to be paid in 30 days (by 30 June).

Unapproved journeys are those that are missing a POD and are therefore invoiced separately and placed on hold whilst we are waiting for you to complete the required documents. Ontruck reviews unapproved invoices every 15 days (at the beginning of the month and in the middle of the month). During these review dates, if an approved POD has been provided, the status of the invoice will be changed to approved and paid 30 days after this review date. To ensure that you are paid quickly, we ask that you complete the POD requirements of your journey within 24 hours of completion to avoid delays.

Please note, Ontruck does not operate under a "paid when paid" basis - you do not need to wait for the Shipper to pay Ontruck in order to receive payment for your journeys. As long as you professionally complete journeys and upload a POD within 24 hours, we will pay you on time (30 days from invoice date).

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How does the invoicing system work?

With Ontruck, it is not necessary for you to send us an invoice every time a load has been completed. To ensure that you get paid on time, all you need to do is upload a photo of the POD via the app within 24h of tipping the load. We will generate you a payment statement after each month closes before you receive your payment on the 10th, including any extras such as cancellation fees or demurrage.

How does the app work?

To understand how the app works, please take a look at our video:

What should I do with the POD?

You need to upload the POD within 24 hours after your load.

No POD = no payment!

If you need a POD template, please contact us and we will provide you with one.

You should also have a quick look at our video to check our advice on how to take good POD photos:

When attributing loads, what criteria are taken into consideration?

  • Your availability. We try to prioritize the carriers who work mostly with us, as their overall incomes are more reliant on the work that we provide them with.
  • Your GPS position. In order to send you loads in the areas in which you work, we need to know your GPS position during your working day. This enables us to optimize the loads we offer you so that they are within your area. If we have an emergency load, we send it to the carriers who are nearest to the collection point.
  • Your preferences. Within the app, you can set up the times and days that you prefer to work with us and tell us where your vehicles are kept at night. We use this information to offer you loads that start or end near this location, in order to reduce the empty kilometers and save your time and fuel.
  • The quality of your work. This criterion is very important to us. We will soon send you a weekly email so that you can follow your performance scoring evolution. If you have any doubts or questions about your current scoring, you are always welcome to contact us.

In cases where all of the criteria are the same, we try to distribute the loads equally between our carriers. If one carrier has already done jobs and the other carrier has not, we will prioritize the carrier who has not yet completed a job.

How do you calculate the carrier scoring?


  • The POD must be sent within 24h after the load is completed. If you have any doubts, you can always use Ontruck’s template.
  • The photo of the POD must be of good quality: avoid shadows, blurriness, or having other objects in the image.
  • The POD must be sent via the app only, not by email or mail.

Unassigned loads

We have updated the app to make sure that you have enough time to read through all the load details before accepting the job. It is important that once accepted, you do not unassign the load, either via the app or by asking the team. This system exists in order to allow carriers to unassign loads in the case of an exceptional event that is beyond their control. If you unassign loads frequently and at the last minute, your performance will be negatively impacted and you will be less likely to get new jobs.


We expect our carriers to be on time. When calculating performance, we do not take into account events that cannot be controlled or avoided by carriers, such as standstill. However, we sanction any delay on the first load of the day.

App status updates

In order to follow-up loads and provide a consistent, reliable service to our clients, you must update your status in real-time. If you update all the steps in a row or if our team has to do it for you, your performance will be penalised, because it will be more difficult for us to do the follow-up.

How can I contact the Ontruck team?

  • If you need information about Live jobs , please contact our Customer Service by writing us in the chat or calling us at 02035143642.
  • If you need information about joining Ontruck, editing your profile and future loads, please contact our Supply team by writing us at hauliers@ontruck.com or calling us at 02035143642.
  • If you need information about same day jobs or job planning, please contact our Fleet team by writing us in the chat or calling us at 02035143642.

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